Leah Eltes Meyer was born in 1944, in Montreal, Quebec, to parents who had migrated from Central Europe to Canada, just before the outbreak of World War II.
As a young woman, Leah studied art at the Sadie Bronfman Centre in Montreal.  However, in 1972, she made Aliya to Israel and, for over twenty years, abandoned her art, concentrating on establishing a business career and raising her three children.

In 1995, shortly after the passing of her mother, Leah began again to paint. She studied  at Beit HaOmanim in Tel Aviv, first with Naomi Miller, then with John Byle, afterwards privately with Reuven Tishri and Noga Lavie. Her abstract paintings are richly evocative of tradition and feeling, a mature and powerful fusion of color and motion, forcefully expressing her deepest emotions, born of her devout Jewish background and the complexities of living in modern Israel.

Each of Leah's creations has particular meaning for her, and the decision to display her work beyond a small circle of family and friends was difficult, for it ran against her nature. Only after incessant prodding from her friends and mentors did she agree to exhibit publicly.
The result is an outstanding collection of her work, which has been exhibited in renowned galleries  and found in private collections in Israel, Canada, New York, Paris and London.

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